Birth Mothers

We are here to help.
Some questions you may have:

Do Adoption Services Cost Me Anything?

No, our services are free to birth mothers who place a baby or child for adoption.

Do I have to go to court to place a baby for adoption?

No, in Texas, a birth parent does not have to go to court in order to place a baby or child for adoption. The legal paperwork you sign represents you and your decision.

Can I Select The Adoptive Parents?

Yes. You can choose an Open or a Closed adoption. The choice is yours.

Can I Meet The Adoptive Parents?

Yes, this choice is yours, too. You can spend time with the adoptive parents, and your child, if you wish. Many mothers find that this experience brings them peace.

What Kind Of People Are The Adoptive Parents?

Adoptive parents are very family oriented couples (and a few singles) who put children first in their lives. They want more than anything in their lives to become parents, or parents again. All have gone through a rigorous process to become approved, which includes:

What Are Most Birthmothers Like?

The mothers we work with are loving and courageous. Most are age 18-39, with most being in their mid 20’s, all races and life situations. Some are pregnant for the first time. Some are single parents, struggling to provide for the children they already have. Some are married women, who feel that they cannot parent another child at this time. They choose adoption because they love their child, and want them to have a secure and stable future with two loving parents.

Why Is It Hard To Make An Adoption Decision?

Adoption is an unselfish decision made out of love. It is providing for your child, through the adoptive family. As with any big decision in life, it calls for sacrifice and love. Most birthmothers say that with some time, they begin to feel excited about the life they have given their child.

How Will My Child Feel About Adoption?

Most children grow up feeling secure and loved, and having the opportunities their birth mother wanted them to have. Most feel secure within their family and understand that they are loved by “two mothers”/“two families”. They often say they know the sacrifice and love that made their adoption possible. Open adoption can offer answers to the questions some children may have.